Dell Precision T7500 High Sierra
Started by yakup38

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01-21-2019, 06:00 AM -

i have a T7500 with dual Xeon 5645 and GPU Nvidia Quad FX 580, 24 GB RAM, 1 TB Sandisk SSD for High Sierra (and also Sandisk Pro 480 GB with Win 7).

I have prepared the install usb dongle through Virtual Box running HighSierra.

But when i try to make the USB bootable with Clover install, it doesn't work probably because my Dell Precision T7500 has a legacy BIOS...eventhough i've checked the Legacy Bios options during Clover install targeted to the USB drive...but there are so many options i don't know what to do so that the USB dongle gets bootable ?

Can you please help ?

PS: The process with Unibeast works partially since i can boot High Sierra with USB but Graphics, Ethernet and sound doesn't work neither the install of Clover on the  1TB Sandisk, i preferred a vanilla install above but can't boot from USB pendrive.

Thanks in advance
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01-22-2019, 02:24 PM -
Hey, I have very little experience with legacy BIOS and Clover. I'd say to use Unibeast because it allows you to boot. Reformat the drive and remake it with Unibeast. Once you boot to Clover, go into Options --> Graphics Injection and send a picture of what's in there.
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