HELP! I need to install Thunderbolt 3 on hackintosh with Mojave
Started by danielemarchi68

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09-18-2019, 03:36 AM -
Hello everyone!

I need help and kindly ask for advice on how to solve the following problem.
So I made my first hackintosh with Mojave and it's fully functional, then
I added a Thunderbolt GG Titan Ridge card on a Gigabye Z390 Aorus Elite motherboard,
at the BIOS level it is seen regularly, in fact I can change some parameters without problems
going into the latter.


Load Mojave and when I go into the settings (quick system) section Thunderbolt, the message appears
'no driver loaded' (no driver loaded ...), as well as nothing in the PCI section. Surely
the problem is due to the fact that the drivers are missing. Therefore I ask how to install and configure them
so as to make my sound card work.

I have been involved in computer science for years, but I too have my limits, I wonder if anyone can be so kind
to help me solve the problem.

Daniele Marchi

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