Mojave install on Dell precision M4800 or Precision 7510?
Started by rjjd

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Hi , i am a newbie in the hackingtosh scene.

That's why my question, I get my hands on two Dell laptops Precision M4800 and Precision 7510
I want to install Mojave on it to replace my current ild Mack Pro 2009.
Specs from the M4800 are: DELL Precision M4800  
Specs: CPU Intel  i7-4710 MQ Quad core 2,5 GHz (Haswell) with HD Graphic 4600 intern 16GB memory 1600Mhz DDR3L,  15,6   UltraSharp FHD 1920x1080 screen, 256 GB SSD , Intel wireless card ( I will not use this)   AMD Firepro M5100w 2GB memory GDDR5

Specs from Dell Precision 7510 are:
Intel i7 6820 2,7GHZ Cpu, 16 GB DDR4 ram 2133 hertz,  2 video cards, Intel Skylake Graphics 64MB inside and AMD Firepro W5710M GDDR5. 2 GB  memory, 1 SSD 256 GB. and M.2 SSD 256GB drives, 15'6 inch IPS screen 1920x1080 resolution,  Intel WIFI cad 8260 ( 802.110c) Audio card Realtek ALC3235 , 4x USB 3.0 , SD card slot, HDMI output. 
I want to use this laptop for video editing in replacement of my MacBook Pro 2009.
But is this possible and can I get help with manuals and necessary files?
Thanks in advance
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05-08-2019, 04:56 PM -
Hey @rjjd, I would say that your Precision 7510 is your best bet to install macOS on. I'm not sure of any guides on it specifically, but I would look up similar models on Google and append "hackintosh" to your search query.
hi guys welcome back to my roblox tutorial.

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