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Full Version: Stuck At Boot
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I tried installing macOS Mojave on my Dell Inspiron 3650 a few months ago. Last month (or this month), I saw WWDC 2019 and saw macOS Catalina. I immediately waited for you Hackintosh tutorial. Today, I tried to Hackintosh the computer, but had the same problem. When I tried installing macOS Mojave, I was stuck at probably 1% of loading at the apple screen. When I tried installing macOS Catalina, it was stuck at the apple logo. I followed the instructions as sailed, expect for the part where I could get Lilu.kext on the macOS Catalina because I the download link was wrong. Should I buy an intel NUC because I know you can Hackintosh it, or is there a possible way to fix it? 

My computer (Dell Inspiron 3650)

CPU: Intel Core i7 7700k
GPU: AMD Radeon 
Disk: 200GB Seperated From Main Partition Holding Windows 10
Hi, your desktop should be just fine with Hackintosh. Although, I didn't find a guide online for it. When you boot the installer, is it plugged into USB 2 or USB 3?
Try booting using USB 2.