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Full Version: Installation stop at Attempting system restart...MACH Reboot
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I have an HP Laptop Model 15-da0104ng, intel core i5 8th gen, ddr4, 8gb ram. I did all how in the video but the installation stops at: 
BSD process name corresponding to current thread: Unknown
Attempting system restart...MACH Reboot


What can I do?

Thanks for helping;-)
Hey @#ed , the picture you uploaded is corrupt. Can you reupload it? Thanks
I think now it should be better
Mount your EFI then compress and upload the CLOVER folder. You can remount it by reinstalling Clover.
here is my [attachment=30]
Send a picture of the entire screen so I can see everything that's going on.
Also, what version of Clover are you using?
the version of my clover is Clover_v2.4k_r4522.
And here is the picture of the whole screen:
You're about 322 revisions behind. Why are you using such an old version of Clover? Update that and try booting.
with the new version, its also not working.
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