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Full Version: Need help Mac os mojave clover install after instaling mac os
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I sucestifuli managet to instal mac os mojave on my samsung laptop but after instalion i try to instal clover boot loader on main drive but bios dont see uefi boot optio from hdd? Any sugestions?

My bios setings

And one more quostion is this wifi card compactible with mac os?
Boot to Clover on your USB drive, then press the "s" key on your keyboard. Let the timer count down, then type in:
bcfg boot dump

Send me a picture of the list.
I'll check out the WiFi card in a bit, but since it's a Broadcomm, you have good chances of getting it working.
Ok im now reinstaling mac os i dont know why but when i use multibeast i lose laptop keyboard and touthpad so i now need to reinstall ? but i do that after i finish instaling ?
Never use Multibeast. It's garbage software that causes problems. Reformat the drive and reinstall macOS. For your keyboard and trackpad, install VoodooPS2Controller found in the downloads post. Install it in the same area as FakeSMC.kext.
I use VoodooPS2Controller  and then it work but i just instal something with multibeast and it stop working jus saying i try alot off thing try to instal trouth multibeast boot loader i try clover instal it show that its good and instaled but bios dont see boot option from internal hard drive just usb

This is wath shell show
What were you trying to install in Multibeast?

Go back into your that EFI shell, and type in:
bcfg boot mv 03 01
I need to install clover firs on macos drive? Or not?
(01-01-2019, 04:22 PM)Samsung laptop Wrote: [ -> ]I need to install clover firs on macos drive? Or not?

What were you trying to install through Multibeast?
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