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Full Version: What to do after macOS is installed? Doesn't show up in boot menu
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I have installed macOS Mojave on my desktop and macOS works well with all devices working. Only problem is, I'm still booting into macOS using the USB that I used to install macOS. How do I install Clover on my SSD so that I can skip the USB? Any help will be a appreciated! Thanks!
Did you watch this video?
Alright, I got it working. Only one problem... USB 3 ports don't work. USB 2 works fine. Do you know why? Thanks!
What's the model of motherboard you're using?
I have a ASUS Maximus VII Hero. Also the computer turns off and restarts but doesn't show on the screen after sitting for a while. I think this happens when it goes to sleep.
I would follow the install instructions for your motherboard here:

I wouldn't use Multibeast or any of their utilities; do everything manually instead.
Umm that isn't the right mobo. I have a Maximus VII not VIII