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Full Version: EarTrumpet - Bring back the Windows Mixer to Windows 10!
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Microsoft decided it would be a good idea to remove the easy-to-use mixer, as well as shortcuts, from the taskbar's sound context menu.

What did [File-New-Project] decide to do? Make a replacement taskbar sound icon, and do it better.

They brought back the mixer, and did it better.

One click on the sound icon, and you're in the sound mixer.


Right click on the icon, and you get access to a much more useful context menu. You get access to "Legacy Windows" sound shortcuts, such as playback/recording devices, Sounds; easily switch playback devices, etc.


I've been using this tool for probably over a year now, and I must say it's one of the most useful utilities I've used that fits right into Windows.

Give EarTrumpet a try today, found in the Microsoft Store.
EarTrumpet includes features like the ability to control classic and modern app volumes individually, a quick switch between default audio devices, and even the ability to move apps between playback devices