HP ProDesk 400 G4 (SFF)

Hackintosh Installation Guide

What doesn't work

- WiFi

- Sleep/Wake (could potentially be fixed)

Step 1: Preparing the BIOS

Booting up the computer, press the ESC key to enter the BIOS menu.

In there, you'll want to press the "BIOS Setup (F10)" option.

Once you're in the BIOS, change the following options:

- Advanced

    - Built-In Device Options

        - Video Memory Size = 512 MB

    - Power Management Options

        - [x] Runtime Power Management

        - [  ] Extended Idle Power Savings

        - [x] S5 Maximum Power Savings

        - [x] SATA Power Management

        - [x] PCI Express Power Management

        - [  ] Power On from Keybkard Ports

        - [  ] Unjque Sleep State Blink Rates

    - Option ROM Launch Policy

        - Configure Option ROM Launch Policy = All UEFI

Step 2: Preparing the installer

See my guide here on creating the USB installer. For steps 4 & 5, follow these steps instead.


Open up the Clover installer package and click "Continue" twice. Then, click on "Change Install Location..."

Then, select the options that are listed below:

Once Clover has been installed, open up the EFI partition (/Volumes/EFI/), and navigate to "EFI", then to "CLOVER". Here you'll want to replace the config.plist file with the one below.

Next you'll want to navigate to the "kexts" folder and to "Other". In there, you will need to install each of the required kexts below.

- FakeSMC.kext

- USBInjectAll.kext

- Lilu.kext

- WhateverGreen.kext

- RealtekRTL8111.kext

- VoodooHDA.kext

Step 3: Booting and Installing

Booting to the USB drive is quite simple.

Turn on the computer and press the ESC key to enter the BIOS menu.

Then, you'll want to click on "Boot Menu (F9)" and select the USB Drive.


Follow the video instructions on installation: