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Asus Laptop - Samsung laptop - 04-14-2019

Hi Everyone i wanted to as if it posible to install macos mojave on asus x550c laptop spec is intel celeron 1007U with Intel HD Graphics 6gb ram?

Asus Laptop - Mark - 04-14-2019

Probably not. The graphics alone wouldn't work right, and I think macOS Sierra (?) onward dropped support for Celeron processors. I read that by using a modified kernel, you can get a Celeron to work, but the graphics still won't work right. Sorry :/

RE: Asus Laptop - Samsung laptop - 04-14-2019

so my onption is onli siera then?

Asus Laptop - Mark - 04-14-2019

Before Sierra, most likely. But, once again, graphics won't work right.